A Change of Facebook? Facebook Calls Privacy Meeting

Regardless of it being the biggest game in town, Facebook is unquestionably the most hated, with mounting privacy concerns that have been all the buzz for the last few weeks. Yes, I’m well aware that’s obvious, but I’ve gotta start this article somehow. Anyway, with no end in sight, it seems Zuckerberg & Friends are turning inward – today, at 4pm Pacific Time, all Facebook’s employees will be gathering to address the ever-snowballing privacy issue.

But what sort of conclusions will Facebook come to? What can they do at this point, and what is this meeting really about? Will Zuckerberg just cast his head back and laugh, crying ‘dance, my minions!’ and throwing money from atop the boardroom table? Or will the social networking giant finally have a change of heart, and make our privacy our own again? Pity this meeting is… private.

Nevertheless, in a few hours, we might catch wind of some changes for the better at The FB. Alternatively, we may not. But for better or worse, at least Facebook is finally taking some time to reflect, and think about what it’s doing to our beloved internets.

[Via CNet]

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