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Facebook and privacy go together like Hilary Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. Yesterday it was revealed that yet another security breach at Facebook exposed user data to public view.

A bug in the feature that allows users to see how their profile appears to others exposed chat data and pending friend requests.

Facebook responded quickly to patch the hole, but it’s once again clear that Facebook is the least secure of the social networking sites. In late 2009 they were attacked for security practices at one point that involved all staff accessing the main user database used a single password.

Now Marc Rotenberg, a spokesperson for the Electronic Privacy Information Center is urging the FTC to step in to monitor Facebook’s processes to ensure users privacy becomes a primary concern.

“Our view is that the FTC (U.S. Federal Trade Commission) needs to act on consumer concerns about Facebook’s sloppy privacy and security practices.”

The bug was resolved on Wednesday afternoon.

As reported in Reuters

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