Skype /shuns Windows Mobile 7 for iPhone and Android

Dan Neary, the Vice President for Skype, spoke at an event in Sydney today  stating that Skype will not be developing software for the new Windows mobile, Windows Phone 7 . Instead the company will be focusing on software for phones like the iPhone, Symbian and Android operating systems.

Neary didn’t give any explanation as to why he chose not to cooperate with Microsoft but instead brought up new plans that Skype has in mind for the iPhone, iPad and Android based phones.

Microsoft hasn’t said anything on the matter. While a lot of us use the powerful communication system, others may not see the need for Skype on their mobile when its’ use on the computer is just as good.¬† Will not being able to get Skype on your mobile stop you from even thinking of purchasing a phone with Windows Mobile 7?

Source: Smarthouse, Pocket-lint

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