iCade, Part III: Adventures in Homebrew

The rock don’t stop. Remember the iCade? Of course you do, that’s a stupid question. Possibly one of the finest April Fool’s jokes of 2010, there was speculation that ThinkGeek may in fact go ahead with actually producing the iCade, if only to silence the ranks of howling fans it had garnered.

Anyway, it seems while ThinkGeek is content to sit on its gold mine, fellow gamer Hideyoshi Moriya has gone ahead and built his own iCade-like iPad dock, using – what else – an Arduino board. Considering the thing is made of cardboard, it looks sturdy as hell. You best get moving, ThinkGeek. We really, really want our iCade.

I babelfished Moriya’s website to try to get you more information, but the only words it was able to translate were ‘propellant-actuated device’, ‘Wi-fi’, ‘punishment’, and ‘Soviet Union’. Take away from that what you will.

Oh, hey, what’s up video? Just chillin’? Mind if we watch? Cool, you’re the most.


[Via TUAW]

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