Remembary - Turning Your Online Life into a Digital Journal

Angela West November 22 Apple

Remembary is an iPad app that allows you to import your Twitter history and up to three RSS feeds from your various blogs and collect them all in one place with an auto-sort into daily entries. You can further edit your daily Remembary entries from within the application, so that the end result is an amalgamation of your blogs and tweets with some extra notes about your day.

Why would you want this beyond the obvious personal benefits of keeping a personal diary with a sidebar of your social media interactions? If you are an online content creator of any kind, from a writer to a designer to a programmer, Remembary is a useful tool to aggregate your tweets and blogs into one spot where you can review what you’ve done and make personal notes for improvement. Remembary takes up to three RSS feeds at the moment, and one Twitter account.

The inspiration for the app came to programmer Andrew Burke when the iPad came out, and he thought it would make an excellent spot to keep a personal diary. One of his problems with keeping a written diary was that he would get too busy to write in it, as we all do. The social media and RSS feeds help to make up for this by feeding content that you have created elsewhere into the app. Andrew has written a great post about how the RSS feeds really help you to feed in content from places like Picasa, Facebook, and others. The RSS feature can also help you aggregate your favourite sites (like Techi!) along with your own personal entries.

In the final analysis, if you find yourself writing a whole whack of online content on Twitter, Facebook, blogs or other online spots, Remembary is an invaluable tool. If you don’t write a lot and just want to keep a personal journal on your iPad, it is still pretty cool.

Remembary is available for download for $1.99 a pop.

Written by Angela West

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