The Garage-Built Gadget Every iPhone Video Addict Needs

Rocco Penn February 11 Apple

Every now and then, an idea comes along that springs from a garage and turns into gold. Such will hopefully be the case for the Satarii Star Accessory, a truly innovative idea that makes one wonder, “Why didn’t Apple build this already?”

The idea is simple: a base that rotates 360 degrees to follow someone or something, allowing a mounted camera or smartphone to capture video without an unsteady hand at the helm. By using a hand-held or mountable marker, the base follows the target to create a steady video.

The applications are limitless. Parents can take videos of their children playing while actually playing with their children (a challenge that parents out there are very familiar with). Hands-free Facetime. Self-shot action sports. Presentations. The list could go on indefinitely.

Having reached their goal of $20,000 in funding through Indiegogo, we hope that this device hits stores soon. Check it out:

YouTube Preview Image
Written by Rocco Penn

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  • Really cool, do you have information regarding pricing or anything?

  • Simple questions deserve simple answers:
    Apple didn’t build it yet, because no one built it before them yet.
    Now that someone has, Apple will probably do one.
    And take full credit.

    With a little luck, rather than that little evil event occurring, maybe Brookstone or SkyMall will pick up on this guy and make them an offer.

  • Oh yeah, I’d definitely buy some overpriced low quality Brookstone product in a mall over Apple’s equally overpriced and clearly inferior junk. /s

  • Brilliant! What a great idea. They gotta make different mounts for different cameras, so it’s not just mobile phone specific.

  • Didn’t you see the pictures in the video? You can use any camera for this thing. The base works independantly from the camera device. It is, therefore, very android compatible! Pretty darn cool!

  • NO Y Axis

    NO Y axis. It starts filming your crotch if you stand up. Is that a bug or a feature?

  • Mario Gonzalez

    I’d buy it, looks pretty cool.

  • Great idea!!!! I had this idea several year ago but not for this purpose. I thinks i could be Great to use this technology in Sports to make the camera follow precisely the ball.

  • WayneW

    Next, they NEED to work on their vid audio.
    ESPECIALLY in a promo!

  • This was cool and i thoroughly enjoyed it. My point is, even a moble camera can be so effective.

  • Yes, cameras in mobile phones are just similar to the high tech professional cameras. This is an added advantage for all those who simply love taking movies out of their phones.