War Tech: Why Future Soldiers May Wear Master Chief Helmets

Military Helmet

Anyone who enjoys the Halo series on XBox will probably recognize the design of these helmets. The similarities are striking, but it’s not by chance.

The military and technology companies have been working with them to put together some amazing hardware, that takes it beyond the level of Spartan headgear. You actually get to see and understand what the soldier is seeing, making decisions on the battlefield much easier.

This graphic, by our friends at DocShop, takes a look at the future of military vision technology.

Written by Connor Livingston

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  • Dylan Jones

    XBox = Xbox

    • xbawks*

      and PS3> Xbawks!

  • Wow, no way dude is that cool or what? Wow.

  • Wow

  • Confused reader

    Your grammar is atrocious. If English is not your first language, then I’ll give you a break. If it is…take some classes before you embarrass yourself any further.

    • EatIt

      STFU is this grammer school? No. People like you that correct others grammer based on a post that has NOTHING to do with something like grammer school piss me off. You should go jump in front of a moving truck.

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        I agree that being nit-picky about grammar is stupid, but if you write like a kindergartener all the time people will think you are uneducated (or can’t see the squiggly lines in your word processor).

    • Also confused

      I’d have to agree. The first part was hardly readable.

  • If it’s a step towards keeping the troops, then I’m for it.

  • Alaskan Scout

    Sweet, something else heavy to carry!

    • Davee

      If I recall, the U.S. Army has a limit to the amount of weight a soldier is allowed to wear in the field. Last time I looked, it was 70 pounds, This includes everything, Boots, clothing, helmet, backpack, water supply, weapons, etc. One of the major issues revolving around fielding equipment lies about this point. The problem is that the 70 pound limit has been bumped up against for years. If we could have all the technology in the world and keep it under 70 pounds (or develop an exoskeleton to carry the extra weight), our soldiers would have had this technology long ago.

      Developing advanced tech is not that hard, breaking the zero sum gain is.

  • Meh

    Proofread before you publish. I didn’t finish reading this article because it was so damned hard to read!

  • Nicole

    Ha ha! Master Chef is a cooking competition on British television. I haven’t noticed any of the contestants wearing a helmet, though.