Trends we'd love to see: nude gaming parties

Nude Gamer

The demand to make viral videos is skyrocketing. Animals, babies, and special effects flood YouTube daily in videos made by companies and marketing firms in an effort to get views and exposure for a brand. One tried and true method of getting views is through skin. Sex sells.

We just didn’t know it sold video game accessories.

The clever folks over at  xtendplay is trying to do just that with the satirical report of a recent “Nude Gaming Party” in New York City. The video, somewhat NSFW, has over a million views on YouTube and highlights the fictional subculture of XBuffing – playing games “in the buff”.

“Playing naked is just a different gaming experience,” said one of the naked actresses in the video. “I mean, you don’t have to worry about your cell phone vibrating in your back pocket or your jewelry or your clothes bothering you. You really can focus your five sense on the game and enjoy it that much more.”

Three rules: No phones, no cameras, no alcohol. Makes sense.

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Written by Connor Livingston

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