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When people think about luxury cars and the technology behind them, they often look to the German vehicles as the pinnacle. Mercedes Benz and BMW have separated themselves as the definition of luxury over the decades. Now that Acura, the first Asian luxury brand, hits its 25th anniversary, perhaps it’s time to look at what the Japanese carmaker has to offer.

The image below was taken from an infographic made by Pohanka Acura. It highlights many of the advancements that have helped to separate the manufacturer from other luxury brands. Click to enlarge or view the text of each advancement below the graphic.

Acura Advancements

  • Active Damper System – Sensors throughout the vehicle constantly monitor driver input and road conditions and can adjust the damper in as little as 5 mili-seconds.
  • ACE Body Structure – Designed to maximize occupant protection during frontal collisions, the Ace structure utilizes a network of connected structural elements that crumple and redirect crash energy from the front of the car to the rear around the cabin.
  • GPS-Lined Temperature Control – The GPS positioning technology monitors the sun’s location relative to the car’s position while a sensor on the dash measures the sun’s intensity.
  • Active Sound Control – ASC uses two microphones (one in the front overhead console, one in the read headliner) to constantly monitor cabin noise.
  • Automatic Climate Control – Monitors the temperature and humidity levels inside the vehicle with sensors.
  • Blind Spot Information System – The MDX Blind Spot Information System assists drivers before making lane changes.
  • Super Handling All-Wheel – When cornering, the outer rear wheel can be accelerated up to five percent faster than the front wheels with 100 percent of the rear torque going to that wheel.

By Connor Livingston

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