Why negative sentiment towards Google+ is asinine and premature

Bored with Google Plus
JD Rucker November 18 Facebook

According to the LA Times, Google+ interest is fading. According to logic, history, and common sense, Google+ is exactly where it needs to be.

Lest we forget, Google+ grew to 20 million and then to 50 million users ten times faster than Facebook. “Fading interest” is not a challenge for a site that grew that quickly. It’s a fact that would happen to any site that grew through buzz. Simply stated, buzz excitement is unsustainable. Google knows this. The LA Times and other bloggers apparently do not.

Most things are falling into place exactly as Google has predicted. They’ve had some major missteps in the roll-out, but it’s been arguably the most successful social media site launch in history. People are using it. The peaks are still happening with Hitwise reporting that they just had their third-biggest week since launch.

The reason that bloggers and journalists are missing the point that Google and others seem to see clearly is because they don’t understand the master plan. Google does not want to be Facebook. They don’t even want to beat Facebook. They are following the path that Facebook blazed with the end goal being absolute integration by businesses within all of their Google services (Google+, Places, Adwords, etc) while also getting complete integration by users (email, productivity, social networking, shopping, etc.).

Towards that goal, Google is exactly where they want to be. “Experts” expecting them to have every duck in a row forget that Google is in a major rush. They have failed in everything they’ve done so far in social media. They’re simply late to the game. As a result, they had to launch and then make adjustments and innovations on the fly.

They have a lot of room for error. They can mess this up. The one thing they don’t have to worry about at this point is fading user interest. Early adopters of nearly every social media site have short attention spans. It’s part of the personality. It’s part of the game.

This time next year, Google+ will not be worried about fading interest. They’ll be worried about sustaining the monster they’re in the process of building.

Written by JD Rucker

+JD Rucker is Editor at Soshable, a Social Media Marketing Blog. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and founder of both Judeo Christian Church and Dealer Authority. He drinks a lot of coffee, usually in the form of a 5-shot espresso over ice. Find him on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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  • novenator

    I really like G+. It’s pretty fun, but
    certainly another time suck. It will continue to grow, but in the
    meantime, the community is still very organic and comfortable. Even the
    political debates I get into there stay calm and rational, and that’s
    rare for politics!

    • Anonymous

      No one cares. YHou don’t debate politics. You jsut whine like the bitch that you are that anyone who disagrees with you is inherently evil and wrong. That is why your wife told your kids that daddy died after she ran out on you.

  • http://www.maulanurulkhakam.com Maula Nurul Khakam

    g+ more connected than facebook i think…

  • Anonymous

    That might jsut be the coolest thing I have ever seen dude. Wow.

  • http://www.blurbpoint.com/link-building-services.php Link Building Services

    As per me g+ will not be succeed as the social network but it is definitely going to be the major platform for the business as more people going to use it in now and future.

    • Stb7

      Why wouldn´t it succeed as social network? when services as Youtube or Android are being so tightly integrated… sry, G+ will explode as Social place with organic behavior in mind.

      • http://www.blurbpoint.com/link-building-services.php Link Building Services

        As already most of the people have their profile on any of the social network and they have build some reputation on them and also whole group. So they not like to move to other network for the same thing as for the sharing and to meet and increase the friends. So they not like to move to g+.
        And if not so then why g+ traffic has dropped before sometime. And now after the announcement for the business promotion and for the brand pages, its traffic increased!

      • Stb7

        That was kind of messed to read.

        “As already most of the people have their profile on any of the social network and they have build some reputation on them and also whole group. “So you telling me, people wouldn´t move to a better place?… “So they not like to move to other network for the same thing as for the sharing and to meet and increase the friends. So they not like to move to g+.”To call Facebook and its frinctionless mess the same as G+, is to tell the world – I´m using a tinfoil mask. G+ is not about collecting nor maintaining old connections – All the contrary. Two different subjects. And for people moving?. Tell me, do these people use Android to use Facebook? and Youtube? what would happen when they find themselves hanging more on G+ than on facebook bcoz of those two other pieces are being merged with G+? then realize G+ gives them more for the same thing?…

      • Anonymous

        It is not a better place. Most people prefer it.

        I have some reality to you. I realize you chose to leve the real world long ago becuase your life sucked so badly in it…but you can’t stay in fantasyland and expect to interact with people in reality.

        Facebook has seen a LARGER increase in active users in the last 4 months than Google+ has.

        Since I think you are too stupid to understand that…let’s say Facebook is the Yankees. In the 4th inning, they were beating the Royals 23-0. And now after 6 innings, the score is 27-2. The Yankees lead is actually GREATER than it was after 4 innings.

        That is Facebook versus Google. Google is not taking ANYTHING away from Facebook. Not even slightly.

      • Stb7

        “I have some reality to you. I realize you chose to leve the real world long ago becuase your life sucked so badly in it…but you can’t stay in fantasyland and expect to interact with people in reality.”

        Say a pro facebook user… Isn’t facebook the sadder piece of website on earth? milking losers like you blindsided? I for one, PREFER to socialize with people, everywhere, everyhow, than in a walled repository telling me HOW should I socialize.

        “Facebook has seen a LARGER increase in active users in the last 4 months than Google+ has..”


        Hence Facebook…

        Youtube – 47,499,097 likes
        Facebook = 55,684,722 likes

        Fallacy sir? what is this user base you talking about?. Any other fact beyond numbers you got to offer me as statement? neither eh?

      • Anonymous

        Because more people don’t care. Who gives a crap if YouTube is “officially” intergrated or not. I can still post a YouTube video on Facebook. So there is NO reason to swtich.

        It is not going to scuceed becuase TWOCE now they have been unable to hold onto 2/3 of the people who tried it. There is absolutely NO way even a delusional child like you can spin that into a positive.

        Anyone who thinks that Google is HAPPY with the current numbers for Google+ is a complete idiot.

      • Stb7

        Lol, expected you… glad you came.

        +1 button are being integrated INSIDE youtube video frames, so EVERYTIME you post a video to to facebook, guess what?… Poor you, what else is there for Facebook? numbers? Timeline? frictionless bullshit people like you love to use? nice try.

        Google give people this – Search, android, chrome, earth, gmail, calendar, docs, picasa, sketchup, blogger, youtube, latitude, maps, news, froogle, reader, goggles, talk, translate, voice, feedburner, picnik, web fonts, code, alerts, checkout, groups, finance, patent search, scholar, analytics, trends, and now Music and Google+ all integrated righ there…

        Tell me sir, what does Facebook gives you? lol. Facebook is dead, after G+ becomes ingrained into all that… see you soon.

      • http://www.blurbpoint.com/link-building-services.php Link Building Services

        I think you have heard from many people that they like FB the most and want to stick to it. And i agree that g+ has many features which be more useful than FB.
        But FB has all similar kind of features from before time that g+ have but many of the people unaware of it from using. As most of the people use FB just for their own limited purpose and many of the common people even not interested to know the extra features or anything.
        And one question i would like to ask that if g+ is the best social network than FB then why its traffic decreased after sometime of launching and why people not move to the g+? And if not so then why now a time g+ traffic increased more after the announcement of creating the brand pages and providing the business platform?
        The only reason is that in future time google is going to use the g+ more for providing the more relevant result and that it why for the best results people start to use it more than before days!

      • Stb7

        Your English is broken, but here…

        Do Facebook users use Chrome? Android? Youtube? Google search? if yes, Facebook doesn’t have a chance. Hence, everything will be part of Google+. If no, then, have it your way.

        The plan here is to attract people to a whole new idea, not just a social network. The idea is called – the clouds. Slowly but sure, the only thing you will need to do with a pc, will be the internet. Although Facebook has the same plan in mind. Google is too far ahead over this with a enormous platform to do. And no, Facebook ain’t got sht feature to be compared.

        For the numbers, aka traffics – is that the only thing you people backing Facebook got to show as it being a good social tool? is that the only thing Facebook got? the same happend to the Wii… where is it now? or Nokia… where is it now?.

        Facebook beat myspace bcoz of being better. Google+ will destroy Facebook, bcoz of being a whole lot better. But that, if Facebook doesn’t up the game, Google got it locked though.

      • http://www.blurbpoint.com/link-building-services.php Link Building Services

        I know that the idea is for the whole new thing not just the social network. But i think social network you know better that where general people come together , discuss on social issues, give their views and all such thing.
        And i think you are on the path of changing the definition of the social media or social network.

      • Stb7

        No, Google is on path to do just that. And after G+ becomes ingrained into everything Google, then this Social Network thing would be a joke when compared to what G+ proportionate.

        I mean, Im actually using the cloud right now, uploading my music to Gmusic then soon to be, playing it right from G+. Trust me, G+ is in a whole new level.

        Once people see this, wake up.

      • http://www.blurbpoint.com/link-building-services.php Link Building Services

        I know that g+ is far better than the FB and it has excellent features not only that but it has speciality to play the major role in the results and also the role in the rank of the site which FB do not have.
        And google is on the path of combination of social media and business both the things and continues on its path of success as the huge network.

  • http://twitter.com/hughdickson Hugh Dickson

    At last!  An article by a tech  journalist/writer/blogger  that actually understands tech/the-situation!

    Every single point was spot on. One of the key points was: “Google does not want to be Facebook. They don’t even want to beat Facebook.”

  • Anonymous

    Of course…this is techi saying this…so no one takes it seriously.

    Not too many sites can lose 2/3 of its traffic TWICE in less than 5 months and succeed. Google has done just that. First in August and then in October.

  • Frank Casey

    First of all users is not equal to active users. Stop throwing meaningless numbers. Second its obvious you are on Google’s payroll. Shame on you.

  • Anonymous

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