Modern language wars: PHP vs python vs ruby

PHP vs Python vs Ruby

There are several questions that programmers must answer when deciding on their language of choice. Depending on who you ask, the passions towards one language or another can spark debates, even “nerd fights” as can be found in some videos (we won’t like them here but you can find them on YouTube).

The three generally-recognized “modern languages” combine many aspects from past languages and attempt to solve the problems that they had. There is no clear winner, as certain needs can be more easily filled with different languages. PHP holds Wikipedia and Facebook in their camp. Python was the language of choice for Twitter and Hulu. Ruby powers YouTube and Google.

What are you building? That’s the real question.

This infographic by Udemy should come in handy for those considering learning a language or those who already know one or more and are deciding on which is best for their current projects. Click to enlarge.


(Via: Udemy. H/T: Florence Alabama Used Cars)

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