Beware of ‘Smartphone face’: How technology is causing complexions to drop

Looking at Smartphone

You thought you had ‘smartphone problems’ while dealing with needing a new phone charger or having those tech-addicts who are glued to their phone, bumping into you? Well listen to this!

Believe it or not, aesthetic professionals are announcing that technology addicts could be at risk of saggy jowls. It is said that smartphone and laptop use could very well cause facial muscles and skin to reduce its elasticity. This is mainly due to the crazy amount of time people are spending with their heads looking down playing angry birds or posting on their social media page.

The growing craze of people getting skin tightening procedures and chin implants, are now believed to be a big result of the use of technology on a regular basis. So because of this, it’s no surprise that chin implants are evolving into one of biggest cosmetic surgery trends, according to data recently put out by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). In 2011 alone, the popularity of ‘chinplants’ exceeded that of breast augmentations, liposuction surgery and Botox combined!

Many leading doctors feel that technology could very well be behind this growing trend as bad poster can lead to double chins and ‘marionette lines’. According to Ofcom’s 2011 Communication Market Report, 91% of adults use a mobile phone while 27% decide that Smartphone’s are a better choice.

Do you feel that technology could be playing a huge role in early aging and saggy complexions? Or do you think people are reading a little too much into possible reasons for this?

By Takara Alexis

Takara Alexis is a Search Engine Optimization Specialist. A former Briarcliff College paralegal student, she is responsible for the development and management of article marketing and for continued link building strategies for fishbat’s clients. Takara is an enthusiastic Yankees fan, enjoys reading and listening to good music.

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