Is this the Blackberry 10?

Blackberry 10 Leak


Blackberry news blog N4BB has published what is believed to be the first image of the Blackberry 10 L-Series smartphone. It looks legitimate as there is no handset that matches this look and feel of the screen. If so, it’s both good and bad news for Blackberry fans.

On one hand, it seems to have the simplicity and “to the point” set of apps that traditional Blackberry users will enjoy. On the other hand, it does not have enough oomph to be able to compete with the iPhone or Android. Even those who are looking for an alternative will likely flock to the upcoming Windows 8 phones with their unique UI. It could all be simply placeholders for a more robust UI in the future, but that’s unlikely.

This could be the final nail in the coffin for RIM.

Written by Sal McCloskey

+Sal McCloskey is a tech blogger in Los Angeles who (sadly) falls into the stereotype associated with nerds. Yes, he's a Star Trek fan and writes about it on Uberly. His glasses are thick and his allergies are thicker. Despite all that, he's (somehow) married to a beautiful woman and has 4 kids. Find him on Twitter or Facebook,

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