The more honest approach for the Internet Explorer commercial

The more honest approach for the Internet Explorer commercial

Say what you want but when forced to use Internet Explorer it tends to hurt those of us who actually enjoy surfing the web quickly. Though Windows made a nice attempt at making IE look promising, many of us on Window machines can’t seem to get it working in our favor so we turn to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox without batting an eyelash.

This cannot ring more true as a Mac user, Internet Explorer is just out of the question. It reminds me of days when R. Kelly was popular and Beverly Hills 90210 was totally rad. It is 2012 so let’s be honest, IE is not a first pick for Internet browsers, well unless you are a business and for some reason that is the arena IE still plays a significant role.

This video tells the honest truth and gives us a real look into Internet Explorer with a parody of their most recent commercial.

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Written by Scarlett Madison

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