A 3 foot tall robot lamp sculpture made from recycled materials

three feet tall Robot Lamp
Amanda Ryan December 17 Gadgets

Robots have been a popular topic for many years. They have been made into beloved characters in television shows, such as, “Rosie” from The Jetsons, and in movies, like “Wall-e” from the film of the same name. Although we know they are made of tin and are not real, we end up falling in love with them anyways.

For some, this may be a dream come true. Okay, so it’s not a walking, talking robot, but it is one that will help light your way. Thus, we no longer have to wait for another movie that features a robot, like R2-D2 in Star Wars, for us to see a robot come to life; instead, we can now have a robot be a part of our everyday living.

Written by Amanda Ryan

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