A DIY cheating calculator


We are not ones to promote cheating in any regard, yet when something is “oh-so-clever” we can’t help but be amused at the lengths this generation will go to make cheating easier and let’s face it, it truly isn’t all that difficult with as much technology we have available to us. However, schools have caught on and cut out mobile devices in classrooms, but calculators? Oh no, calculators still get an A+ from school officials and here comes the clever part.

Kids can’t have their cell phones due to distractions, disruptions and cheating since smartphones are the most popular device, that would ultimately increase grade scores and it is too bad that smart kid’s would rather find ways of cheating than applying their intelligence towards applying themselves, but whatever the case, this kid disguised a smartphone as a calculator and for that bold and clever technological move we can’t help ourselves. We’re not worthy!

A DIY cheating calculator

[Via MakeUseOf]

Written by Connor Livingston

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  • Matthew

    Oh – how clever – not. Follow this and watch yourself get busted in an exam – HECS courses are $2,000 a subject now.