Star Wars snow board choppers and R2-D2 helmet


Star Wars snow board choppers and R2-D2 Helmet

I can hear a geek squeal as I am writing this, so take a deep breath and don’t pass out. As winter is among most of us, we love to take out our winter gear, bundle up and enjoy the snow sports that some of us long for when summer season hits. You are going to need to buckle up for this snowboarding ride that will have your deck geeked out.

It is not too often you are able to combine your hobbies together, especially when it comes to Star Wars and snowboarding as a combo, but with the help of Burton, you can now own a Star Wars artistically crafted snowboard and ride that hill with your R2-D2 helmet that will protect you from the dark side of a tree. Let the snow be with you.

R2-D2 Snowboard Helmet


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