2013 Honda Accord to add Siri to list of distractions

2013 Honda Accord Siri

2013 Honda Accord Siri

Remember the days when drivers did nothing but drive. Sure, they could talk, maybe listen to the radio, have a Big Mac in one hand, but today there are people texting, talking on their phone, surfing the web, or playing an instrument while driving. Now, Honda is going to have your car listening and talking to you with the familiar Apple Siri interface.

The 2013 Honda Accord will join the Chevrolet Spark and Sonic as Siri-integrated vehicles. They will (thankfully) be in “eyes free” mode when the car is in motion, meaning that drivers won’t have to fumble with a touchscreen while blazing down the highway at 75 MPH. Instead, they’ll push the button on their steering wheel just as if they were engaging the cruise control or turning up the volume on their stereo.

According to Gigaom:

Honda called Siri Eyes Free an “in-vehicle tool that will help meet the connectivity and convenience needs of its customers in a responsible manner” in a press release. Siri’s Eyes Free mode is available to drivers who own an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 running iOS 6. It’s meant to let drivers interact with their iPhone while keeping their focus on the road. With Eyes Free drivers can make hands-free calls, send texts, listen to messages, make and find calendar appointments and select songs to play. Honda will integrate its Bluetooth HandsFree Link in-car software with Siri.

It’s not so bad, I suppose.

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