A designer’s guide to color and psychology


Sigmund Freud

The digital devices and printing equipment of today are becoming masterful at presenting the world in full color. Retina displays make the colors pop. HD is being replaced with Super-HD (which will be replaced by Mega-HD, which will be replaced by Ultra-HD, which will…) and the magnificent presentations possible in the world of design have never been better.

Even before the rise of graphic perfection, colors have played a major role in determining the way that designs are interpreted. In web design, for example, colors can transmit in a split second the mood and intention of a website before a single word is read. In advertising, colors are used to establish a baseline expectation, to set the mind in the place the advertiser wants them to be emotionally, and to highlight the most important components. In short, color is the “body language” of design.

This extended infographic by RIPT Apparel gives us a visually stunning presentation of how colors affect the design world.

guide to color psychology
A Guide to Color Selection for Designers, an Infographic by RIPT Apparel Custom Tees


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