Ford passes 5 million fan mark on Mustang Facebook page

67 Mustang

67 Mustang

It’s not the most popular Facebook page in the automotive industry. It’s definitely not the most active. It might, however, be the most interesting, particular to those who like the iconic American sports car. In essence, Ford gets social and they show it on their Mustang page.

What makes the page better than similar automotive pages like the Chevrolet Camaro page is the interactions they have with their fans. They comb the web looking for the right content to post. They know that their fans aren’t just interested in the new Mustangs that you can find at dealerships today. They know that fans want to see the classics, the epic oldies that aren’t seen on the road every day. On the Camaro page, the only time they show older Camaros is when they’re asking their fans to compare them to the new ones. It’s a good ploy, but it’s not as strong as Ford’s.

In this infographic from Holiday Automotive, Ford explores the first 5 million Facebook fans on their Mustang page.

Ford Mustang Infographic


By Louie Baur

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