Elon Musk vs Tony Stark

Elon Musk Tesla

Elon Musk Tesla

In one corner, you have a real many who has dreams of a greener world that travels to space using genius and money. In the other corner, you have a fictional character who saves the world from bad guys using genius and money. The similarities don’t end with intellect and cash.

Elon Musk has been successful in three completely different arenas: eCommerce through PayPal, environmentally friendly cars with Tesla, and space travel with SpaceX. His list of accomplishments are the type that you’d normally see from a fictional character, which makes the comparison to Iron Man‘s Tony Stark an easy one to make.

In this infographic by Vcars, we get to see just how similar the two men really are:

Elon Musk Tony Stark Infographic


By Connor Livingston

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