6 iPhone Apps of The Week

We’ve been casting our eyes around for cool iPhone apps this week, and have come up with some stunning apps, including some which vastly improve iPhone photography and a few others which just couldn’t help but catch our eye — including one superb music-creation solution.

1. Twitter for iPhone


Formerly Tweetie 2 and now produced by Twitter itself, the official Twitter client is an essential tool for anyone who is into the 140-character idea sharing service.

Twitter for iPhone will let you browse users, check trends and write tweets. You can download it here.

This version (released last week) also lets you manage multiple accounts, search through the top Tweets, find users in the same spot and Browse Suggested users.

Those actions people most often use, such as Retweet, have now been moved to the main actions bar.

2. Hipstamatic



This photo app is becoming a little sensation and was recently declared ‘App of the Week’ on iTunes. It attempts to recreate the way older film-based cameras work by offering a range of emulated classic features, such as film, flash and lens options.

You’ll get images with vignettes, blurring, over saturation, discolored images, everything you might expect on film.

What’s interesting is the in-app purchasing model. You can buy additional lenses, films, and flashes from within the app for from 99 cents. Images can be uploaded directly to Facebook, Flickr, or emailed to your friends and family. There are 216 possible effect combinations.

3. Perfectly Clear


Photo correction software, Perfectly Clear, sharpens and brightens your iPhone photos. It offers split-screen, versions of your image, detailing both before and after shots.

What this software does is apply 10 processes designed to correct how the eye gathers light in order to fix the way your iPhone distorts your photos.

Perfectly Clear offers five slide adjustable settings including exposure, sharpness, tint, color vibrancy and contrast. There’s also two defined presets. Your iPhone pictures never looked better – get it here.

4. X2 Soccer



World Cup madness is gripping fans of what they call it the “beautiful game”, and the recently-updated X2 Soccer game’s arguably the best on Apple’s platform.

Enjoy the analogue-like controls and explore the game’s newly-introduced Dream Team mode. You’ll find over 150 club teams, 10 national leagues, better than before visuals and online multiplayer gaming all available within the app.

Dream Team mode sees players start out managing a poor team, they compete for tokens which can be used to scout and hire better-quality players from across the football world. Download it from iTunes here.

5. Touch Mouse


Developed by the accessory gurus at Logitech, Touch Mouse turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a rather handy wireless touchpad and virtual keyboard for your PC or Mac, enabling you to control it from any room in the house.

Text is displayed on the screen of your iPhone or iPod touch as you type, so you can see what you’re doing without having to continually look up and down.

To enable the Touch Mouse app, you must download and install the Logitech server software onto your Mac or PC. It works on a wireless network. Download the application itself here.

6. Rebirth for iPhone



This app is amazing and is a perfect handheld iteration of the same Propellerhead Software creation which revolutionized dance floors way back in the 90’s.

You get three powerful instruments inside your hand. The Roland TB-303 Bass synth and the Roland TR-808 and 909 drum machines.

Combined with built-in FX units, fully featured pattern sequencers and a quick-acting, scalable iPhone interface and you’ll soon be making some phat beats on the move. It is utterly amazing to think you have all this computing power in your phone.

By jonny

Jon Edwards enjoys The Mighty Boosh, Can, John Lydon and Roller Derby.

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