Bet You Wish You’d Paid More Attention In Shop Class Now


Jonathan Clifford Bergqvist’s dad could probably beat up your dad. When Jonathan decided to build a shoulder-mounted support for his camera, he got his dad on board. In terms of craftsmanship, he could give the guys from This Old House a run for their money.

Starting from a tree branch, this guy gets medieval on a piece of wood, shaping it and working it until it’s smooth and round. The end result is a superb example of why sometimes modern materials just aren’t as cool as the old school.

The rig even included a focus adjuster so the operator doesn’t have to take one hand off the grip. Jonathan and his dad still have some upgrades planned, like making the device more portable. Mr. Bergqvist, Junior and Senior: We salute you.

Source: Wired Gadget Lab

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