VIDEO: Future iPod touch Has Camera, At Last


Newly-leaked images and video show us the next-generation iPod touch will host a camera.

Apple had originally been expected to field a camera in the iPod touch when it upgraded that device in September 2009.

The introduction was preceded by a wave of leaked images showing a camera in place. Fast forward to release and the camera wasn’t included in the upgrade, though eagle-eyed users spotted a space on the motherboard where it could have been.

Now the latest news from Vietnam tells us to expect the camera to appear in the next iteration of the touch.

This follows the brief appearance of two prototype iPod touch units equipped with cameras on eBay last month.

Apple is expected to become ever more aggressive in its digital home products as it ramps-up to becoming a $100 billion company.

Apple is also expected to sell 24 million fourth-generation iPhones this year, following the end of its exclusive deal with US carrier, AT&T.

Via: Tinhte

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