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How Bill Gates Predicted The iPad While Steve Jobs Watched

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Cast your mind back to June 2007, when Apple CEO Steve Jobs appeared at D:All Things Digital alongside Microsoft’s Bill Gates.

Now watch this video in which Gates describes his vision of the future of computing, which sounds remarkably like, erm, an iPad….

“I don’t think you’ll have one device. I think you’ll have a full-screen device that you can carry around and you’ll do dramatically more reading off of that… yeah, I mean, I believe in the tablet form factor […] You’ll have some way of having a hardware keyboard and some settings for that. And then you’ll have the device that fits in your pocket, which the whole notion of how much function should you combine in there, you know, there’s navigation computers, there’s media, there’s phone.”

Ever the diplomat, Jobs responds:

“The PC, this general purpose device, is going to continue to be with us, whether it’s a tablet or a notebook or a big curved desktop that you have in your house, or whatever it might be.”

See how he tells the truth each time?

Via: Huffington Post Image (below) from AllThingsD

gates jobs atd

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