Social media used to identify Vancouver riot suspects

After the Stanley Cup loss which lead to riots last night in Vancouver, outraged Canadians have taken their fight for justice to Facebook and social media. By posting photos and videos of the perpetrators online, they hope they can help police and others to identify the criminals (or at least put them to shame!).

A Facebook page has been started and there are already hundreds of photos and almost 60,000 likes. The Vancouver Police have also used social media and sent out Tweets asking for photos where they can identify the people.

Take a look at just a few selected images below with faces clearly identifiable. Do you have any pics of your own? Why not upload them now and help get these people off the streets?

Here are some of the photos:

This guy was identified and his Facebook page was found, where he very proudly boasts that he was at the riots:

One of the stores had a bunch of Louis Vuitton bags and wallets stolen. The following were found listed on Craigslist shortly after:

This girl thinks she can’t be found because she deleted her Facebook account, but someone found her full profile page:

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