Smartphones on pace to near 1 billion by 2015


The mobile-device explosion may be getting fueled in recent months by Kindle Fires and iPads, but smartphones continue to be the foundation of the incredible growth the mobile industry is experiencing. Apps and devices are fulfilling many aspects of our everyday lives in ways that weren’t even imaginable just a couple of years ago.

It truly is a mobile world today.

This infographic by our friends at MyLookout breaks down the soaring growth of both devices and apps within the segment. Of the plethora of stats included in the graphic, perhaps the most startling is that they are projecting 982 million smartphone shipments by 2015. With this sort of growth, one might wonder if there even isĀ  ceiling to the industry at all.

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Smartphone and App Growth

(Via: MyLookout. H/T: Seattle Dodge)

Written by Connor Livingston

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  • That is a sad news to me, cause I am still planning when to get a smartphon, I need move faster.