Everybody's unboxing the Nexus 7 and lovin' it

Nexus 7 Unboxing

There’s a reason why we never do unboxing videos, nor do we ever post them, but this one is different. It takes some unboxing videos from the apparently-extremely-well-secured Google Nexus 7. After watching this video, you’ll know exactly why we don’t do these ourselves.

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Written by JD Rucker

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  • Yolanda McRae-Gunter


  • they’re all amateurs that’s why. Pro’s would do a prep before actually filming it. Open the damn thing, re package it and THEN show it on video.

  • Eugene Wang

    what is that guy using to open the box, a collar stay?

  • Some gadgets are not for kids.

  • Martin Waiss

    lol. what do people who can hardly handle a paper box need a table for, anyway?

  • good to know how Google can box things…

  • Matt Needles

    Really, I’d have torn up the box by that time. Is it really necessary to preserve the package?