How mobile devices are changing the way we live our lives

Prior to smartphones and tablets, many of us sat quietly on the bus and people watched as we waited for our desired destination to arrive. Nowadays, with the enhancements in technology and mobile devices we are able to watch movies, use various social networks, and check emails while passing time while we travel.

Mobile devices are being used everywhere and provide just about everything at our fingertips. With 64% of people using their mobile devices on public transportation, 79% using it when they shop, and 89% while on the go, it would seem that smartphones and tablets are changing the way we live our lives. Click to enlarge.

Mobile Trends
From: Tallahassee Used Cars Via: Culture Label

Written by Amanda Ryan

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  • Anonymous

    I love having my Samsung Galaxy tablet because I can do my
    work and listen to music while on the way home. I also love using Dish’s TV on
    the go with the sling adapter and Dish Remote Access app. The app is free and
    allows me to manage my DVR recordings at home. My Dish coworker told me that
    Dish was the first TV provider to offer customers both live TV and the ability
    to watch their DVR recordings on their mobile device. This works on Smartphone’s,
    Tablets, Laptops, iPads, iPhones and Blackberry’s.