Driving with Google glass

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Drivers are constantly distracted, visually, manually and cognitively. They text, they call, and they adjust their GPS devices, all while driving. Nearly 80% of car crashes in the US are caused by these distracted drivers. While Google Glass is a (mostly) hands-free device with some amazing capabilities specifically designed for the road, how will it affect driver safety in a driver-distracted world?

In 2012, cellphone use—especially texting—was responsible for one crash every 24 seconds in America, according to the National Safety Council, which lists three types of driving distractions: visual, manual, and cognitive. With so many different ways to be distracted, there are a lot of tech-based accidents just waiting to happen. Glass’s turn-by-turn navigation system should be glanced at (rather than distractedly studied) and is meant to provide an alternative to reading maps.

While certain lawmakers have several safety concerns of the technology and want to restrict its use in cars, Google is confident that though these fears aren’t unfounded, Glass has “tremendous potential to improve safety.” To learn more about Google Glass and its effect on driver safety, check out the infographic below presented by CarInsuranceQuotes.com.


From: Bankrate Insurance’s CarInsuranceQuotes.com

By Brian Wallace

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