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Amazon to launch unique wireless data plan alongside first smartphone

So we have heard the rumors that Amazon is apparently planning on launching a smartphone of their own. These rumors have been making their rounds ever since Amazon announced their first Android-based tablet, and it seems that 2014 will be the year that we might finally be able to see the fruits of Amazon’s efforts. That being said new rumors have surfaced which seems to suggest that Amazon could be looking to differentiate themselves from the competition by offering up their own data plan which is apparently called Prime Data.

Amazon is preparing to release its first smartphone this summer and the device will include a variety of hardware and software features that are unlike anything the world has ever seen. These attributes are intriguing and at times innovative, but the company has an ace up its sleeve that could end up being the phone’s most attractive feature. BGR has learned from multiple trusted sources that Amazon is planning to offer a unique wireless data plan alongside its first smartphone, which is set to launch in the coming months. The plan is tentatively named “Prime Data,” and it will be positioned as one of several key selling points for the phone. Amazon is holding details of the data package very close to the chest and as a result, our sources were not able to confirm exactly what the company has in store for Prime Data. Several sources were willing to speculate based on limited knowledge of Amazon’s plans, however.

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