You can earn millions by helping the FBI capture cybercriminals


Few things in the modern world scream “cyberpunk” as much as multi-million dollar rewards for assisting in the capture of notorious cybercriminals. The FBI has had a cybercrime most wanted list for a while now, but just recently updated it with more then four million dollars in rewards. 

The FBI has updated its cyber-crime most wanted list with $4.3m in rewards for the capture of a number of notorious cybercriminals, and they’re particularly interested in one Russian hacker – Evgeny Mikhailovich Bogachev. Bogachev has a $3m bounty on his head for allegedly masterminding the Gameover Zeus botnet. Romanian hacker Nicolae Popescu is also listed for $1m while the others range from $50,000 to $100,000. Bogachev, who also goes by the pseudonyms of “Lucky12345,” “Pollingsoon,” and “Slavic,” is believed to have created the infamous Gameover Zeus, which targets Windows computers and steals passwords for online banking logins as well as bank account numbers. The botnet, which spread malware like ransomware, has supposedly infected more than a million computers and been behind the theft of over $100m. Small businesses were often targeted.

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