Spectacular Waterfall Billboard Presents A Powerful Message


Water is an amazing thing that is taken for granted. So it is quite awesome when some creative minds make art out of water. Something that many of us have never seen, and, as is clear from the video, something you can’t help but watch in amazement.

Aquascript is the technology that powered this billboard in Paris. It is a system that utilizes water streams to create images, messages, and other forms of visual information. And while this technology is hardly new (it hit the media spotlight in 2008), it is still quite amazing to see it in action.

But as amazing it is to look at, it is even more impressive to see it used to convey a powerful and meaningful message. The message here discussed the facts that water — not HIV, hunger, or various diseases — is the number one killer in third-world countries.

It is a powerful message that is quite fitting as well, considering the medium used.

[via LikeCool]

By James Mowery

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