If you want to learn how to use Vine, Adam Goldberg is the master

Adam Goldberg Vine
Rocco Penn February 17 Twitter

If it’s possible to be a true filmmaker using only the 6-seconds allowed on Twitter’s Vine app, actor Adam Goldberg would be the director, star, producer, writer, and mastermind behind the project.

I have a lot to say about the combination of genius, randomness, and mystery that goes into his videos, but it’s best for you to see if for yourself. Check out his page and click through to all of his Vines or just check out a selection from the ones below. If you don’t watch everything he posts, you won’t understand any of it. Then again, you can watch everything he posts and still not understand any of it, but hey, it’s art, right?

As one fan put it, he’s the David Lynch of vine. That might not be weird enough.

Written by Rocco Penn

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