Snapchat has surpassed Twitter in monthly usage


Twitter is boring, Snapchat is fun. Twitter is confusing, Snapchat is simple. Twitter is still struggling to attract new users, Snapchat has just passed Twitter in monthly usage. Comparing the two like that makes it easy to see why Snapchat is now the more popular service, but to be fair, Twitter has been making some serious improvements in the months since Jack Dorsey returned to his position as the company’s CEO.

Snapchat just passed Twitter in monthly usage. Twitter, the microblogging service that currently acts as a journalist echo chamber and Jack Dorsey think piece generator (seriously: 1, 2, 3), has fewer than 140 million users interacting with the service daily. Snapchat, just passed 150 million, according to sources familiar with the matter. It’s easy to see why the two services are moving down separate paths. Snapchat is all about engagement, while Twitter is mainly used to yell into the void while dodging the same link you’ve seen 300 times in the past 24 hours. Of course, the previous statements were made somewhat in jest; Twitter is alive and well — and even improving, according to some — but, Snapchat is in a category all its own, and it’s really unfair to the decade-old Twitter to compare it with an upstart app that holds the attention — however fleeting — of the millennials it once engaged.

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