Zuli Smartplug lets you control your home with your smartphone

The Zuli Smartplug is a new device that could herald a new age in home automation. Once plugged into an existing outlet, the Smartplug allows you to control your plug-in lighting and other appliances using a free iOS app. The device has only four days left to reach its goal of $150,00 on Kickstarter. 

A few months ago I wrote about the AIRcable SmartDimmer, a home automation product that tried unsucessfully to secure financing on Indiegogo. However, I still haven’t given up hope that Bluetooth Low-Energy could still be used in other smartphone and tablet-controlled home automation products in the future. The Zuli Smartplug, which is only 4 days away from ending its campaign in Kickstarter, is similar in concept to the AIRcable SmartDimmer, but instead of replacing a wall switch, it’s a small device that plugs into your existing outlet and allows you to control your plug-in lighting and other appliances in a similar fashion using an iOS application.

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By Michio Hasai

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