Facebook might be launching its own Flipboard-like reader app

Flipboard might soon find itself competing against a reader app owned by Facebook if re/code’s report turns out to be true. According to the website’s unnamed source, the social network’s been developing a news aggregator called Paper. Unlike Flipboard which dons a look reminiscent of magazines, the service will reportedly present stories across the internet in a “paper-like format.” 

After years of experimentation, cancellations and redesigns, Facebook looks like it is finally going to launch in the coming weeks a news reading service built for mobile devices. The product is known as “Paper,” according to a source familiar with the matter, and it is similar to Flipboard, a buzzy mobile-focused news reading app. Paper looks to be either a standalone mobile application or a Web experience suited to mobile devices, according to this person. Facebook could launch the app before the end of January, this person said, though the timetable could change.

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