Microsoft has let go of another 2,100 employees worldwide

The new, Nadella-controlled Microsoft is already around 13,000 employees lighter than it used to be, and that number is only getting bigger. To wit: The company just confirmed to ZDNet another wave of layoffs that’ll see 2,100 more employees let go as the company fights to reinvent itself. Most of the employees let go the first time around hailed from Nokia, but Microsoft hasn’t said which of its teams are taking the big hits in this new round of cuts.

In round two of its previously announced planned layoff of 18,000, Microsoft is cutting another 2,100 people on September 18. A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed the 2,100 figure, noting that 747 of those laid off will be in Washington state. The remaining cuts will be at other Microsoft locations worldwide, the spokesperson said. Today’s cuts will be across a variety of teams, as previously rumored. The Microsoft spokesperson declined to specify which teams would bear the brunt of the latest round of cuts. Microsoft officials said in July that the company would be realigning its worldwide workforce by cutting 18,000 jobs, with 12,500 of those cuts coming from employees Microsoft acquired as part of its acquisition of Nokia’s handset and services business. Microsoft officials said the layoffs would happen over the course of several waves.

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