Volvo wants to make accidents a thing of the past with hyper-alert trucks

If Volvo has its way, truck accidents could be on the way out. The automaker is working on system for the haulers to help drivers avoid wrecks, aiming to combat low visibility as one of the primary causes of wrecks. In order to keep an eye on things, the company is developing tech that continuously monitors surroundings with a 360-degree scan.

So you thought that the Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025 is the most technologically advanced heavy-duty truck in existence? Well you should think again. That sci-fi German contraption is but a concept truck, but Volvo’s latest project truck is a work-in-progress expected to see commercial introduction within 5 to 10 years’ time. So what’s been Volvo tinkering with? Dubbed Non-Hit Car and Truck, this research project employs a suite of advanced active safety features. Volvo Trucks Traffic and Product Safety director Carl Johan Almqvist explains: “Our vision for traffic safety is to have no accidents involving Volvo trucks.”

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