$100 Origami iPhone Stand – Functional, Stylish, Expensive


Craft time! Got a spare $100 bill lying around? Of course you do, you’re made of money. Look at you, in your freshly-pressed leisure suit and Italian shoes. Well, don’t dawdle, go get your bill, and play along as designer Enrique Pardo guides you through the how-to of creating your very own origami iPhone stand.

You can’t more disregard currency without burning it! Or, like, eating it, I guess. You could do this with a $1 bill, but who would care? Certainly not me, you cheapo.

  1. Isn’t this from 3 years ago? The reason he picked a $100 bill is because of the $100 store credit that Apple offered early adopters after they dropped the price of the iPhone by $200 after just two months. He thought it would be funny giving the early adopters something to do with the $100 they got back.

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