2015 Ford Mustang will have new tech features to track and adjust performance

Ford’s new 2015 Mustang, schedules to go on sale in late 2014, will feature several new apps that track and adjust performance. The new features, which will be controlled by knobs instead of touchscreen controls, will allow drivers to adjust steering stiffness, suspension, throttle, traction control, as well as several other things.

Get ready for the new Mustang. On Thursday, Ford unveiled its 2015 Mustang and Mustang Convertible during the Good Morning America TV show. Scheduled to go on sale late in 2014, the legendary muscle car will rock new track apps and controls for drive performance. On the dash, you’ll find large toggle switches to make the steering stiffer for tighter cornering, or looser for a comfortable ride. You can adjust the suspension, throttle, and traction control as well. While “sport” adjustments like these are common, Ford’s decision to use large knobs instead of touchscreen controls should make it easier to keep your eyes on the road.

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