3 signs it’s time for a dedicated server


Small business owners know they need an internet presence, but what many people don’t realize–often until it’s too late–is that a big difference between a website and a web page. When many business owners think they’re getting a website, they’re actually getting a web page. Web pages are generally low-cost or free, but they share space with other people. This means the options are limited, and speeds can be slow, but it’s a good choice for a very small business.

A “shared hosting account” is a great way to save money, but there are of course risks. However, there’s a reason people can get one of these accounts for a bargain. Dedicated servers can be expensive, but they provide site owners with their own machines in a data center. Not sure which route to go? These are the top 3 signs it’s time to get dedicated.

1. Security breach risks

Perhaps the most important sign that it’s time for a dedicated server is if sensitive information is being stored online. Only the site owner can determine if there are risks. However, if there is confidential information on the page, hack attempts (successful or not), or if the business is liable for the protection of sensitive information, the safest bet is to choose a dedicated server.

Security is a big issue, and it’s much more affordable to have a dedicated server than to face lawsuits. In addition, dedicated servers are much easier to monitor, the security is much better, and it provides site owners with peace of mind.

2. It’s a gaming, video, or another quick-loading site

When sharing hosting or using VPS hosting, load times can slow down. Maybe one of the other site owners is having a big rush, maybe there are other gaming sites on the VPS server–there are many reasons why slow load times may happen. That’s just the nature of things when sharing space. However, both speed and reliability increase drastically with a dedicated server.

It’s a must for gaming and video sites. Otherwise, users truly will go elsewhere.

3. Constant updates and personalization are needed

The hardware is configurable with dedicated servers, so upgrading things at any time is simple. The firewall protection is custom, which puts the control back into the hands of the site owner (not the server–unless that’s what the site owner wants). It’s another example of increased security. Finally, these servers give owners unique addresses, which can be a boon depending on the business.

Usually, the biggest online businesses eventually go dedicated. It’s safe; it’s fast, it’s reliable, and custom. Who wouldn’t benefit from that?

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