Internet TV is our (near) future


Internet Television

Television is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world, if not the most popular. Billions of hours of television are watched around the world every day. However, as much as people love television, they don’t love how complex and inconvenient the linear television experience is.

People’s favorite shows and movies are only available on certain channels at certain times. Since TVs aren’t portable, people often miss their shows and movies and have to wait a week or more for them to come back on. Remote controls, DVRs, video on demand, and subscription packages add layers of complexity and cost customers needless amounts of money.

People have been willing to put up with these numerous inconveniences because they love television, but with the growth of internet television, very soon they can enjoy television without the inconveniences of the linear experience. Internet television is the future. It’s cheaper, simpler, and much more convenient.

Networks such as ESPN, HBO, and BBC have already started to delve into the realm of internet television with their mobile apps and streaming websites. Netflix, iTunes, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Instant allow users to stream their favorite movies and shows directly to their computers or mobile devices.

Streaming-media boxes have also started to become more popular. Devices such as the Roku 3, Apple TV, and the WD TV allow users to access steaming apps like Netflix and Hulu on their TV. Microsoft and Sony have also started turning their game consoles into media streaming platforms. All you need to do is plug them into your TV and begin streaming.

While linear TV is still the dominant form of television, internet TV is growing at a rapid pace. Soon, every network will transition from channels to apps, every household will have access to fast, affordable internet, and every device will be capable of streaming media over the internet.

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