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4 quirky gadgets that will make your head turn

4 Quirky Gadgets that will make your Head Turn

Quirky gadgets are ones that make us want them, obsess over them and then… eventually they are the ones that we cannot live without. They almost become like little art pieces that create conversation and much like on the web, they become viral amongst friends. The best part is that you found them first and can own the cred for having a keen eye for cool things.

Therefore, we wanted to ensure that we keep you up to speed on the gadgets that lean on the quirky side yet are useful and will serve you well for a decent amount of time, here are 4 quirky gadgets that will make your head turn.


1. BLACK Element Gaming Mouse Cyclone Edition

BLACK Element Gaming Mouse Cyclone Edition

Well hello there PC gamers of the world. We know just how dedicated you are to get to that next level to conquer your nemesis, so much so that meals have been skipped, beds have gone not slept in, and Red Bulls are your fluids, so much so that you wish to have it inserted via intervenes so you don’t have to use your hands. You are hard-core and dedicated.

One of the worst mistakes would be to lose a battle to sweaty palms and unfortunately we have all had this happen and it sucks, it really, really, sucks. So we found a solution so an annoyance in this world doesn’t ruin the escapism you live for, the BLACK Element Gaming Mouse Cyclone Edition, created by ttesports is a mouse with a fan for sweaty gaming. This mouse is designed for technical superiority; it is the first pro-gaming mouse with a detachable fan and comes in various colors. It has military grade coating technology to ensure mouse gripping is firm and steady.

Game on my friend, GAME ON!


2. Glove One

Glove One

This quirky gadget lets you talk to the hand, literally. The Glove One creator, Bryan Cera, turns your hand into a “phantom limb” which becomes a phone. Admittedly, this gadget is not for everyone, but is very sci-fi and futuristic in design and leaves us wondering how much would we sacrifice for Technology… would we give our right hand? (Pun Intended)


3. Kissenger


The Kissenger is a product of Lovotics (Love + Robotics), a gadget that allows you to send and feel a long distance kiss. Since the advancement of Technology our love lives have expanded even more through Social Media and now finding relationships online is at an all-time high, many relationships are in fact long distance. This quirky robotic gadget allows you to remain romantic from a far.


4. Lovotics


If you thought the Kissenger by Lovotics was quirky or even a little creepy, this last gadget is their main product, Lovotics by Lovotics. It is a robotic companion that is made up of human emotions that it will display as well as have you love to be loved. It will keep you company and share in how you are feeling, it is also a sign of how we will or can develop relationships with robots. The white fuzzy robot makes sounds like R2D2 and lights up at the bottom to match its motions which will tell you how it is feeling.

What do you think?

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