4 technological bodyguards everyone should have


Personal safety and security has always been important, and technology provides more options for it than ever before.

Stun Gun Cell Phone

From securing your home to guarding your identity, there are certain steps everyone should take for adequate protection. Consider these four areas where technology can help protect you, and learn more about the devices and software that’ll do most of the work while giving you safety, security, and peace of mind.


Home security

You can always invest in protection from home security companies to be sure your property is safe while you’re away. But there are other gadgets you can use at home for added protection, too. For easy viewing and protecting the outside of your home while you’re inside, consider motion sensor security lighting. Many of these lights provide 180-degree visibility with a range of several yards. They’re good for alerting you if someone’s passing by your house, and they’re also good for providing you with suitable light when you’re arriving home without having to remember to leave the lights on.

While you’re inside, consider a high-tech peephole viewer so you can clearly see who’s outside your house. To protect inside the house while you’re not around, try the barking dog alarm or the fake TV to deter burglars and create the illusion that your house isn’t empty while you’re away on vacation. These and several other home security gadgets were even highlighted at CES 2014, as there is beginning to be a larger spotlight on home security gadgets.


Small concealable devices

To protect yourself while walking at night or through dangerous neighborhoods, there are many small devices you can conceal on your person. There are many models of stun gun cell phone cases, providing both convenience and stealth, since you don’t have to pull out a separate object but instead can simply be carrying your phone in your hand.

Pepper spray comes in multiple forms. You can get it as a key chain or a lipstick. Both small devices easy to hide in a purse, pocket, or inside your fist. There are also models that include flashing lights and loud noises to disorient attackers and to notify anyone in the vicinity that something is wrong.


Identity theft protection

Protecting yourself and your home is important, but they aren’t the only things you need to worry about. Identity theft is a large problem today, given the amount of information that’s available on the Internet and the number of people hacking into databases and profiles every day. To protect your personal information, look into identity theft protection services. You can buy memberships for different durations of time, and at different security levels from a multitude of companies. But most of them monitor online activity, bank accounts, and protect you in the event you lose your wallet.

Once your identity has been stolen, the process for fixing everything and getting your life back on track is long, complicated, and frustrating, so take the necessary steps to prevent the problem.


Smartphone apps

You can now control your home security from anywhere via your phone. New apps make it easy for people to activate security systems and monitor them from the convenience of a smartphone. While many of these systems are relatively expensive, they come with access to camera feeds and alarms, notifying homeowners of any motion inside or around the home.

As a bonus, some of these apps also come with the ability to open or close garage doors, change the thermostat, and turn off lights. There are some free apps that connect to your existing security system and allow you to monitor and control it from your smartphone, as well as a few that allow you to turn your computer’s camera into a security system that you can watch through your phone.

Protecting your life and yourself doesn’t just mean carrying pepper spray and locking your doors. You should also take steps to protect your online and financial identity, your home, and your possessions. Technology provides many innovative solutions to the ongoing problem of personal safety. Whether it’s cameras in your house you can access on your smartphone, or a cell phone case that doubles as a stun gun, these technological bodyguards will keep you safe.

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