4 user friendly unknown social media apps that make sharing easy


4 user friendly unknown social media apps that make sharing easy

We all have certain apps that are staples when it comes to sharing our information and content from our smartphone to the social web. Of course we use tools that are native to the associated social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and some of us use other social tools that suit us best and not necessarily ones that are made by the connected social site but ones that we have come to appreciate and some are still in search for apps that help them make sharing easier.

Here are 4 social media Android apps for sharing made easier. Some you may already use and some you may still be unaware of, each social app will help you find your way in simplifying your sharing process.

1. StreamZoo

StreamZoo Social Media Photo App

If you love Instagram you just might possibly enjoy Sharezoo too. This fun, free app allows you to create and share images from your smartphone to your social networks. A supersized photo-editing app that has a filter and border for whatever mood you happen to be in and is the only photo-editing app that is added to your tool box so once you take your beautiful photo of you and your friends, food, nature or of your cat, you can share your photo in just one shot.

You are able to follow other members using hashtags or twitter handles and will be awarded with points on and added to a leaderboard. With 22 filters that go far beyond Instagram and include 14 borders to add to your already stunning photos, you can even make collages of your images with up to 9 of your photos and 32 customizable shapes to choose from.

Images are the “IT” thing to share this year and what better way than to personalize photos with your own added touch using Streamzoo.

Streamzoo Photo Popular screenshotStreamzoo photo collage screenshot

2. Glassboard

Glassboard Privacy Social Network App

If you are concerned about privacy online but still want the ability to share with your family and friends Glassboard is your solution as it has no privacy settings since everything is private. They don’t use your data for advertising or sell it in any way. You can share your life with your loved ones or get things done with co-workers knowing that your interactions are confidential.

Messaging on Glassboard PhotographsGlassboard Private Boards

3. Glympse

Glympse Location Based App

If you are looking for a hassle-free location based service to share where you are and what you are doing Glympse is a no sign-up, no need to manage another social site app that allows you to share your location in real-time. However you are able to apply a timer that once the time set is up the link will disappear and no special software is ever needed for any Glympse actions. So you can easily share your location in a more private way.

Glympse Location Based ScreenshotProfiles on Glympse AppProfiles on Glympse App

4. Path

Path Easy Sharing App

Share your life with 150 of your closest friends and family members, as Path only allows that limit so you can stay connected on a more personal level when sharing your content, music, location or status update. It is your more personal social network that also allows you to easily share your activities to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Foursquare.

Not only does it allow you to remain close to your favorite people in the world, Path, allows you to edit and share photos, journal thoughts, share other media activities like what you are listening to or watching and import content from other social sites too. Recently Path has even added the ability to search all of your moments so you can relive them again.

Path Image Editing ScreenshotSearch Moments on Path

Each of these mentioned 4 social media apps will make life a little simpler when it comes to sharing your life from your phone to online.

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  1. There are some apps that even I would enjoy using. It will be interesting to see the progressions of these apps and to see if one has to potential to take over another big social sharing network like Facebook once did Myspace.

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