Team in Japan drives over 800 miles in an electric vehicle on a single charge

A team in Japan has managed to travel a record-breaking 807 miles in an electric vehicle on a single charge. Using a modified Suzuki mini-vehicle equipped with a lithium-ion battery, the team drove on a 15.5 mile course in a remote village in Japan. Driving at around 18 miles per hour, it took the team almost two days of constant driving to break the previous record of 623 miles on a single charge.

Records are meant to be broken, no doubt about that. This includes electric vehicle records, and word out of Japan is the world record for distance traveled by an electric vehicle on a single charge may now have been broken (though there’s a little confusion on this at first glance – see below), courtesy of a team which includes a noted Japanese rally driver who was the first from his country to win the world’s most famous endurance race known as the Dakar Rally.


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