4chan has finally adopted a DMCA take-down policy


The 4chan forums have managed to gain a pretty bad reputation for themselves over the years, no thanks to the endless trolling of posts, weird and horrible images, and so on. However it seems that in light of the recent celebrity nude photo scandal, which originated on 4chan’s forum, it seems that the website has decided to do something about it. The website has recently decided to add a Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown policy to its rules and regulations. This is a bit odd given the questionable content that has made its way onto 4chan in the past, although we guess with the leaked photos receiving so much scrutiny, perhaps 4chan is just trying to protect itself from potential legal ramifications from the incident and in the future.

In the wake of the release of stolen, intimate photos from a number of celebrities’ cell phones this past weekend on 4chan’s /b/ Web forum, the site has added something to its rules and policies—a Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown policy. While 4chan previously relied on its rapid expiration of content to keep 4chan LLC and site founder Chris “moot” Poole out of trouble, the heavy scrutiny that came from the latest round of celebrity exposure has pushed the site to adopt more formal measures to avoid litigation. (Victims of photo theft could use copyright claims to seek damages from publications and websites that publish them.) Under the policy, 4chan will now remove content when notified of a “bona fide infringement” under the law. The site will also contact the individual posting the content to tell this user it has been removed. “It is the Company’s policy…that repeat offenders will have the infringing material removed from the system and that the Company will terminate such content provider’s, member’s or user’s access to the service,” the policy reads. Those who believe their content has been taken down improperly can file a counter-notice with 4chan. The DMCA policy post designates a DMCA agent for the company (though not by name) atCorporation Service Company in Wilmington, Delaware. Corporation Service Company is an organization that acts as a corporate office and compliance agent for Delaware-registered companies.

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