4chan user uses GameStop as their own personal bank

GameStop is a retailer where gamers go to buy their computer games and their consoles and maybe some accessories or peripherals. Basically it would hard to mistake GameStop for anything but a retailer of video games and related products, wouldn’t you agree? Well it turns out that one anonymous 4chan user has come up an ingenious idea that he/she could turn GameStop into their own personal bank. 

Forget Bitcoin banking. One intrepid 4chan user has found a newer, cooler way to bank: spending his entire paycheck on pre-ordering games from GameStop, and then “withdrawing” money when he needs to by canceling one of his pre-orders. “GameStops are just as prevalent as banks in my town and I work at a mall so it’s even more convenient than running an errand to the bank or using an ATM and getting charged,” the anonymous poster writes. And in lieu of credit card or bank membership rewards, the poster has never missed exclusive launch content for any game he’s been interested in. As with most things posted anonymously online, it’s unclear if the poster’s story is true or totally make-believe. But that doesn’t make his scheme any less ingenious.

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