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Keeping up with the world of sports can be a challenge, but not if all the info is right on a smartphone. When it comes to choosing the right apps, don’t forget about the constantly evolving games every fan should be following. Whether it’s cricket in India or the NFL, if the sport exists, there’s probably an app for that. Choose apps that work on both Android and iOs to avoid any face-palming moments down the road.

There are endless apps available, so how can fans and sports betters know which are best? Some are free, some are more user-friendly and some offer real-time coverage. To make things simple, here are the 5 best apps to keep track of sports on the market. Download one or all, and keep track of the latest news.


1. Fantasy Monster Pro ($4.99)

Built for fantasy sports fans, this app encompasses all fantasy leagues in one place. It helps with organization, time management and gives users one interface to see exactly what’s happening with all leagues. Different sports play well together here, and the price tag is easily worth the benefits. The amount of time a person saves using this app is phenomenal, and it even gives users more time to dedicate to another league or two.


2. NFL Mobile Premium ($5 per month)

For just $5 per month, NFL addicts can watch all games on Thursday, Sunday and Monday nights as well as keep up with the NFL Network and RedZone. It’s basically an all-NFL channel right on the smartphone, and it’s perfect for travelers who might not have access to their big-screen TV at the moment. It operates on both Android and iOs, but to make the most of this app, get a smartphone with a decent-sized screen or a tablet. That will keep the games and the news as exciting as it really is.


3. Yahoo! Sporttacular (Free)

Track games no matter what the sport of customize notifications so that users know exactly when a certain team scores or the inning has changed. Fans especially like this app because, let’s face it, sometimes a game just isn’t that exciting. They can wander away, but set up a notification in case the excitement picks up again. Plus, it’s free, so why not take advantage of all the perks Yahoo! Sports is known for?


4. Bleacher Report Team Stream (Free)

This free and customizable app lets fans select exactly what kind of news and notifications they want. News is pulled from numerous sources so there’s no more scouring the web looking for the latest information. It also features an extremely simple interface and it’s a breeze to compile different sports together to track news simultaneously. Twitter feeds are also included in the aggregation, so fans really won’t miss a thing.


5. NHL GameCenter Live ($49.99)

By far the most expensive on the list, hockey fans swear this app is worth every penny. Games can be streamed live with this app on any platform (including Blackberry 10), get instant highlights and even dig into the vault to watch some classic games. Games go all the way back to the 1960s with this app, so it provides endless entertainment. However, it’s really only designed for the purest hockey fans, so be forewarned.

There are numerous websites available that also offer fantastic options for fans. Keep in mind that it’s just not entertainment at stake here. Keeping up with games can vastly improve the odds for those into sports wagering by providing the most in-depth and customized information available. Why not make money while enjoying games, highlights and notifications just one tap away?

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